Beverley Tyrrell –
Masters of Clinical Psychology

Beverley (she/her) takes a compassionate approach to all aspects of the human experience. She has the ability to generate and hold enough hope for a person, until the person feels they are able to generate their own. She will keep the process as simple and as engaging as possible and work alongside you.

Background and Experience

Beverley has been awarded a Masters of Clinical Psychology. Her experience is garnered from over ten years of helping individuals at varying stages of the human experience. From initial incident management for critical, at risk adolescence, to adults who are navigating life through:


Anxiety, social anxiety and OCD

Grief and loss

Eating disorders and body issues

Dissociation and detachment

Relational and attachment difficulties

Complex trauma experiences

She has also supported active and returning service personnel with PTSD. She has worked in both community settings and across inpatient and outpatient settings in Australia’s largest private hospitals. She is trained in a number of trauma-focused therapies, including Schema Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness compassion therapies (CFT) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Beverley’s practice is culturally informed, and her practice is LGBTQIA+ safe care. Beverley is available Monday to Thursday via telehealth or in person at our Carlton North location.

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