Kayla Matisi –
Provisional Psychologist

Kayla has been described as curious, warm, empathic, open, and respectful. Kayla hopes to help individuals deepen their understanding of themselves in a non-judgemental way. To understand why we think, feel and respond the way we do. Then to identify how we want to be responding and showing up in our relationships, work and as an individual which will inform the goals for therapy.

Background and Experience

Kayla is a Provisional Psychologist who graduated with a Masters of Professional Psychology last year and is now completing her Masters of Clinical Psychology at The University of Melbourne. She continues to undertake her clinical training under the supervision of senior clinical psychologist Nazli Kayhan.

Kayla has delivered assessment and intervention to individuals, and groups, across private hospital, university clinic and private mental healthcare settings. Kayla is dedicated to ongoing training and professional development.

Kayla enjoys working with young and older adults experiencing challenges related to:

Mood and emotion regulation


Change and adjustment

Stress and trauma



Self-esteem and development


Kayla is also committed to delivering culturally informed, trauma sensitive, and LGBTQIA+ safe care.

Kayla is available either in-person or via Telehealth on Monday’s from our Carlton North location.

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